There are waterbikes, and then there is the Akwakat – so what’s the difference?

Attitude, and lots of it!

Your Akwakat is built for adventure, built to take you places, to make you stand out, and to make you feel alive – don’t get us wrong, this is no resort toy, it’s the adventure in a bag that is captivating water loving cyclists world wide.

The Akwakat was designed by cyclists and adventurers, and what we wanted in a portable human powered boat is what we built.

Every Akwakat delivered is prepared and packed by the same people that designed and made it, so don’t expect a cheap mass produced toy, expect an adventure.

What we do

At Akwakat what we do is attract lots of attention, probably because this waterbike actually looks cool! Its versatile, lightweight, agile, and most important of all its quick.

How we do it

We design and manufacture a kit that temporarily transforms virtually any hard tail and many full suspension mountain bikes into a twin inflatable hull water bike enabling the rider to take their adventure beyond the trails and roads.

What you can do

You can join us on a journey that only Akwakat could help you have. Embark on your own waterbike adventures or start an Eco-Tourism business – you decide!