How long does assembly take?

Once you've done it a couple of times it will be as little as 10 minutes

What are the pontoons made from?

Pontoon construction is a heavy duty PVC generally used for white water rafts so very strong!

What happens if a pontoon is punctured?

It's very unlikely but your Akwakat does come with a pontoon repair kit

Can I use my recumbent?

Sorry but not without modification. There is insufficient standardisation in frame geometry to allow us to currently develop a commercial solution.

How much will the taxes and duty be?

Because country to country and state to state there is so much difference we cannot include this in the purchase price or advise actual cost.

Where do I put my wheels?

Akwakat is not currently designed for the carriage of wheels and other goods, but please feel free to experiment with ideas

Are the dolphins included?

No - the dolphins have a beautiful home off the coast of New Zealands South Island... but you are welcome to visit them!

Can it be used in the ocean?

Yes - just be sure to give it and your bike a good wash down with fresh water after use, and keep an eye on lubrication of the chain

How does it handle rough water?

As with any watercraft in rough water care and common sense should be used. If you plan to ride in choppy or agressive water we can recommend a secondary securement method for the pontoons. Contact us for details.

How long does shipping take?

North America and Canada about 3-4 days, most other destinations within a week

Can I use my 29er?

Currently no - frame is designed for 26" wheeled bikes.

Can I use my road bike?

Nope - the space between the chain stays in too narrow for the gearbox assembly to mount. Move away from the dark side!

Do you ship by DHL only?

For small orders we do, and thats because they have given us an excellent door to door rate that saves you money and gets your kit there fast.

For larger orders of 10 or more units we can look at seafreight as an option as this is where real savings are made, and in this case we will price the kits without freight.

How fast can it go?

Depends on what you had for breakfast!

It's easy to ride and will cruise without real effort at about 8kph and just get faster from there.

Is the bike included?

Nope - remember this is your bike and your adventure. If you're not sure whether it'll fit just email us and ask as we're the worlds foremost experts on the Akwakat ;-)

If it's so cool will it get me invited to all the best parties?

Well that's up to you, but from experience I can tell you that when you have an Akwakat you tend to instantly gain lots of friends. I reckon if you did lots of big jumps, some rad as tricks, and a few big skids then you might just get noticed enough and be invited to some pretty cool parties.