Up close and personal

Gearbox Assembly

    The gearbox assembly is attached to the rear stay using a tri knob clamping assembly. Most hard tail mountain bikes will fit as will a large number of full suspension bikes. If you have a complicated swing arm or rear stay assembly the Akwakat mounting assembly may not work for you. If in doubt send us photos and we’ll advise as best we can from afar.

    Gearbox Assembly

      Having removed your chain from the largest ring you can place is aside clear of the Akwakat assembly and slip the new chain over both sprockets before tightening the assembly.Care needs to be taken to ensure the sprockets are properly aligned, and that tension is neither to little or to much. Your kit comes with full assembly instructions.

      Suspension Assembly

        To keep the propeller and shaft in the water a sprung suspension unit is provided with your kit. This will be installed either in front of or behind the rear mount assembly depending on the frame size of your bike. The suspension unit is reversible so you don’t need to order a specific model to suit your frame size.

        Propeller Assembly

          The propeller is linked to the drive unit through a stainless steel shaft enclosed in another stainless steel tube. Keeping the back of the kit true and helping with alignment is plastic moulded skeg assembly.

          Rudder Assembly

            Attached to your forks is the retractable rudder assembly. The rudder will hold itself in the up position and after you push off, a gentle push with your foot lowers it into the water where the spring mechanism holds it down. This part of the kit also provides the front mount assembly for your bike. The rudder will automatically ride up and over any obstacles it hits, or when approaching shore. Lowered the kit requires at least 350mm of water for correct operation.

            Rear Mount Assembly

              Mounting the rear of the bike to the Akwakat is as easy, just like the front you simply attach the frame the same as you would a wheel and tighten the skewer. Your rear derailleur will sit behind the mount bracket slightly raised and out of any harms way.

              Pontoon Claws

                Allowing for different frame sizes and rider weights, the velcro strips on the pontoons are over-sized allowing the bike to be positioned to achieve the desired balance. Just like a bicycle, a good ‘bike fit’ will increase your comfort and speed.