What we do

plus_AkwakatAt Akwakat we don’t sell you a water bike, we don’t sell you a human powered boat, what we really do is sell you an adventure!

Do not confuse the Akwakat waterbike with a pedal-boat, they are two entirely different products – the Akwakat waterbike uses a standard, non-modified hard tail mountain bike that can be converted back to a standard bike within minutes of reaching the shore, and the lightweight construction results in a draft of only 350mm allowing the rider to easily glide to shore – so the Akwakat takes you from weekday commuting to the office to weekend exploration of your favourite lakes and rivers, and all in one compact carry bag and without a special bike.

The Akwakat Water bike is designed and manufactured in New Zealand from a combination of rigid and flexible components so when you’re ready to take your adventure of the roads and trails then specifiy Akwakat – the waterbike in a bag! Our intentions always to bring you the best value, best design, and best performance from your waterbike.

Akwakat has featured on New Zealand network news, recently been filmed as part of a Japanese tourism program about New Zealand, been featured on numerous web techno sites, published in a Swedish science magazine, and been seen in newspapers all over New Zealand – why? because its cool!

Imagine the places you can now visit, and be able to do so under your own power so not only are you getting fit and experiencing new places, you’re doing your bit to save the planet!

And when you’re done – put in back in its bag, chuck it in the wardrobe, and carry on riding your bike to work.

Seriously – this has to be the best way to embark on a waterbike adventure!