How we do it


Clever design, well we think so!

Akwakat allows you to use your existing MTB (26″ wheel) as the power platform for your new waterbike, and because it’s temporary you can easily store it away when not in use to still enjoy all the regular benefits of your mountain bike.

The Akwakat is a compact and lightweight conversion set that temporarily transforms virtually any hard tail and many full suspension mountain bikes into a twin inflatable hull water bike enabling the rider to take their adventure beyond the trails and roads.

Call it a water bike or a human powered boat – it’s your choice, just remember that because you use your bike then it’s your adventure!

An ingenious drive system results in the Akwakat being sleek and fast on the water while maintaining good stability due to its streamlined design. The inflatable pontoons, folding drive shaft and front rudder all fit comfortably into a carry bag with a total weight of less than 15kg making the Akwakat waterbike incredibly portable and easy to transport and store between adventures.

Join us on a journey that only Akwakat could help you have – the new waterbike adventure!