What you can do


Go camping


Because your kit takes up so much less room than a boat or kayak you can take your Akwakat on a camping trip and explore even more while reducing your carbon footprint


Who said you need to take the bus or the ferry – why not consider riding your bike to work and don’t let a little water get in the way.

Go racing


Akwakat racing is fun, its good for you, and its safer than riding on the road. Get a group together and create your own event. In New Zealand we’ve successfully competed in multi-sport events and overseas some of our clients have completed epic river races.

Start a business

An Akwakat Eco Tourism solution can provide you with almost everything you need for your eco-tourism venture, all you need is the destination and the plan!

Now you’ll need to make sure you comply with any local government or legislative requirements in your country or region – you do have to be safe out there!

What we do is work with you to develop a custom package that will suit your specific type of operation, a tweak here a tweak there – whatever is required to obtain the best fit because no two eco tourism operations are ever going to be the same!

Be it the base Akwakat kit by itself or we can also source a wide range of bicycles at very competitive pricesat the same time – just let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll help you achieve it

Imagine the adventures you can have running your own Akwakat Eco Tourism venture – it simply has to be a dream job!

An Akwakat Eco Tourism package is available for much less than you think so to find out more just email greg@akwakat.com

What better job could there be than an Akwakat tour guide!