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Is cycle tourism the next big boom?

With bikes everywhere and the sport, perhaps more so the past time getting so big could cycle tourism be the next big thing?

I think so – why?

  • Its inexpensive
  • Its eco-friendly
  • Its social
  • Its (or can be) exciting

Combining cycle tourism on the trails, roads, and water would just be ideal allowing people to cycle beyond the land, to cycle to places otherwise inaccessible, and to do so without any disruption to the environment.

Where would you begin your Akwakat Eco Tourism operation if you had unlimited resources to make it happen?

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Cycling with Dolphins

If I hadn’t experienced it I would have been none the wiser, but having done so I can tell you that riding a bike in water that is 3000′ deep, 3 km’s off the coast of New Zealand, while being escorted by dolphins is just amazing.

With 2 days of not so great weather on day 3 the weather gods played nice and the ocean became a mill pond – no that we don’t enjoy a bit of rough water, but for the purpose of this exercise it was perfect.

Our original intentions were to head out cycling with the whales but distance on the day prohibited that for reasons of safety, but with a couple of pods of dolphins, 1 number over 400 it was estimated we had the most amazing time on the water.

Kaikoura is on New Zealand’s East Coast of our South Island and it is home to many whales and the gateway to much of the southern islands great adventures so if you get a chance to visit then visit you must!


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